Green Tree Country Club and its management reserves the right to, at any time, prohibit  alcoholic beverages to be served to under-aged minor, inebriated, or intoxicated guests for the protection of all concerned. When alcoholic beverages are being consumed at any banquet, the responsibility of guests at the Club and those operating motor vehicles lies with the individual member or banquet host and not by the Club. Members and guests are expected at all times to conduct themselves in respect to such consumption with due regard for the common good of the Club and the rights and feelings of other members, their families, and guests.

Open bars will be inventoried prior to the beginning of the function. At the end of the event, all bars are re-inventoried and charged out to the guest based on the amount consumed. A cash bar set up fee of $100.00 will be charged for all functions.

Send an instant message or call Kendal Wheeler at 432-694-8413 for additional Information.