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Green Tree Country Club

The premier family club of the Permian Basin, Green Tree Country Club is a truly welcoming stay. Enjoy golf, tennis, dining and swimming in an environment designed around the entire family.

Dress Code and Attire Guidelines

Your Board of Directors approved an updated dress code that applies to the Clubhouse.
The current dress code for the golf facilities, fitness center, and Tennis facilities remains unchanged.
Here are the new guidelines:

Casual attire, including appropriate golf, tennis, and fitness wear, is permitted.
Shorts may be worn but must be of an acceptable length and must be tailored or hemmed.
Men are only allowed to wear sleeveless shirts in the fitness center and the locker room.
Swimsuits, sweatpants, short shorts, cut-offs, and other similar attire are not acceptable in the clubhouse.
Shoes are always required in the clubhouse.
Hats or caps, when worn, must be worn in the traditional manner.
No visible private skin area or undergarments.
Printed T-shirts are discouraged.
No article of clothing may display offensive or inflammatory language or symbols.

Couple’s Lounge
T-shirts and hats are not appropriate attire for gentlemen.
Men are encouraged to wear collared shirts and must be tucked in unless otherwise designed.
Collarless shirts are allowed as long as they are part of an overall, tasteful outfit.
For the ladies, contemporary and fashionable attire shall prevail. 

Thank you for your commitment to making Green Tree the premier family country club in the Permian Basin!

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